3 Reasons We Exist

To tear down walls that cancer builds emotionally and socially for teens

To add a spark of VIP treatment during key life phases

To pave the way for a future of socially minded, personally responsible community and business leaders.

335984_10151000643384464_405838365_oAre you interested in being a leader among your teen peers? Do you want to establish or improve on your leadership skills? Maybe you just want to be involved in outreach and helping others. If any of these scenarios apply to you then we need you at Heart of Passion (HoP). Become a teen leader today!

We have HoP chapters in Atlanta, Charlotte and New Orleans.




Heart of Passion is 100% volunteer-operated, 100% donor-driven, and every dollar donated goes directly to our program operations. We believe in every city, every volunteer-group, every community-member putting their fingerprints on the programs in their area. Donate today!